The Park continues to partner with Cal Fresh, California’s statewide program addressing food insecurity among vulnerable populations – low income families and individuals, the elderly and the disabled.

Serving the Garberville-Redway area the Park’s Cal-Fresh Outreach Program operates much like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Cal Fresh provides a subsidy to various local farms – eg., Fair Curve Farm, Community Park Farm and Flood Plain Produce – which bring fresh, in-season produce to the Park weekly. There, it is sorted, bagged and delivered to qualified Outreach recipients every Wednesday.

Deliveries include all manner of seasonal delights and range from the utilitarian to the exotic, depending on what the farmers chose to grow and what’s in season. Offerings in 2019 have included several varieties of onions, various types of garlics, turnips with their greens, radishes and beets with their greens, summer squashes, lettuces, varieties of heirloom and experimental tomatoes, shallots, fresh herbs, peppers, kales.

A print out from Cal Fresh featuring a recipe or two for the more uncommon vegetables is tucked into the bag with the produce. Recipients often express pleasure at being able to try foods they probably would not have bought for themselves.