Baling Hay at Community Park Farm
Baling Hay at Community Park Farm

Yes, the Community Park Farm sells hay, when available in season. The Farm leases 16 acres as a separate business owned and operated by Park Operations Manager, Mykal Coehlo. Contact him for hay inquiries: (707) 267-0851 .

The Park Farm grows, bales and sells hay right here in the Park. Hay is popular with our visitors for many reasons. Besides being an animal feed, it’s a great help with growing ground cover (it’s full of seeds). Or it can be mulch where you don’t mind a bit of ground cover (pumpkin patch? under trees?). In fact, hay is useful in many creative ways. Have a look at 15 Creative Ways to Use Hay Bales. Just don’t put it in your garden (remember those seeds!). Use straw for that.

Hay which has become moldy or dirty also has lots of uses. Check out 12 Uses for Old Hay.

A Park Barn with Hay
One of the Park Barns, with Hay

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